atomix is the only ecommerce logistics company designed to help emerging brands scale sustainably on their terms. Our pods help make brands more productive and profitable.

Great question —the Micro-pod Model is a modular warehouse structure managed by a technology platform that vertically integrates the end-to-end order fulfillment process.

The goal is to optimize the customer experience by increasing human engagement and efficiency while maximizing operational capacity and throughput. That means the atomix warehouse is divided into micro-pods, with each individual pod replicating the inputs and outputs of a fully functioning warehouse. In other words, a-warehouse-within-a-warehouse.

The micro-pods are a 500 square feet warehouse within the atomix fulfillment center. They are operated by a Pod Manager to manage individual brands or a portfolio of brands. The dedicated Pod Manager is specifically responsible for his/her brands — they are an extension of the brand’s fulfillment or operations team. As a result, brands receive more control and high-touch customer support, which is executed through instant communication via slack.

Within the Pods, our technology platform allocates inventory based on provided data and further manages fluctuating demand based on historical order volume velocity. For example, the highest moving SKUs are positioned within the pods closer to the pack station. This helps eliminate the most inefficient function of a warehouse — the order picking process (data here or here on p.7 P2).

In summary: the Micro-pod Model is the core function of atomix that is highly flexible and personalized.

Now that we understand why it’s called the Micro-pod Model, we’ll cover what it does.

At first, we’ll acknowledge, it might not seem like a significant difference; however, the importance is rooted in the obsession and attention to detail. This is derived from our research and experience whereby no traditional fulfillment center or startup ever had the ability or functionality to provide the hands-on support or flexibility to handle an emerging brand. And at the end of the article, if you still have questions, that’s most likely a positive signal. It’s a positive because it would be mean that you haven’t worked with a 3PL or fulfillment partner before and haven’t had an unsatisfactory experience yet. If that’s the case, reach out to our team of experts to learn more.

Two significant differences:

First, most fulfillment centers or 3PLs have been designed with their interests in mind and not their customers or employees. Their models are incentivized with efficiency (orders per day metrics) regardless of the experience. We believe we can effectively re-aligned interests by vertically integrating the experience, consulting with our brands prior to onboarding, and designing operations that are both scalable and sustainable.

  1. Inventory Allocation & Optimized Processes: Our system determines the proximity of your product in addition to the least amount of storage space necessary based on data. As a result, atomix is able to save costs through picking efficiency and we pass along our savings to customers. Now, brands pay only for the space utilized and instead of assuming monthly bills, brands can clearly understand their products’ placement and space allocation on a daily basis.
  2. Real-time, 24–7 Communication: Now, this is by far the most impactful factor for our partners. Our goal is to systematically create a personalized experience that has never existed before. We believe this has never existed because warehouses have traditionally been built for their own efficiency and not their customers. We believe efficiency and customer experience are better optimized through hands-on, real-time communication. Our Pod Managers are operational specialists, and are highly trained entrepreneurs who communicate directly with brands. The reason is strategic — first, with higher skilled employees, we can provide a better customer experience; second, by leveraging technology and customer service skills, they are able to significantly increase productivity for themselves and our brands alike.

That’s it — if you enjoyed the read and are ready to unlock the potential in your brand, schedule a call with our team!

atomix is the only ecommerce logistics company designed to help emerging brands scale sustainably on their terms. Our pods help make brands more productive and profitable.