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Successfully Scaling Your eCommerce Brand Through Retail: The Ultimate Guide 2023

Successfully Scaling Your eCommerce Brand Through Retail: The Ultimate Guide 2023

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April 28, 2023
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Olexiy Shapowal

For DTC/B2B brands looking to expand quickly, success relies heavily on the ability to deliver products quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively to your customers. At Atomix, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with managing the logistics of an ecommerce brand. As a fast-growing startup 3PL, our #1 priority is making sure that our clients can scale as quickly as possible, while ensuring their customer experience is seamless. 

In this blog, we will provide expert insights, tips, and strategies for expanding your operations to retail - driving growth, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing your bottom line. There are many factors to consider when becoming a retail brand, and this blog will help you make a well informed decision. 

Table of Contents

  • Why Retail?
  • Determine if retail is right for your brand
  • Develop strong brand image
  • Research retail options
  • Create retail-specific product line
  • Develop retail marketing plan
  • Optimize retail operations

Why Retail?

Expanding a B2B or DTC brand to retail can be a major step forward in driving business growth. Although online sales channels like eCommerce have become increasingly popular, retail still offers unique advantages that can help companies reach new customers and increase sales. So- what specifically can retail do for your DTC brand? Follow along for a quick breakdown!

Brand exposure

One major advantage of expanding to retail is increased brand exposure. Retail stores attract a wider range of customers, many of whom may not have heard of your brand before. By placing your products on store shelves, you can reach new audiences and raise brand awareness. Additionally, having a physical presence in stores can help legitimize your brand and increase consumer trust.

Increased sales

Another advantage of retail expansion is the potential for increased sales. While online sales channels have grown in popularity, many consumers still prefer to shop in person. Retail stores provide a convenient, tactile shopping experience that e-commerce can't always replicate. By offering your products in physical stores, you can tap into this market and drive more sales.

3PL support

Expanding to retail can be a complex process, but working with a 3PL provider like Atomix can help make it easier. 3PL providers specialize in logistics management and can help streamline the supply chain, manage inventory, and ensure your products are delivered to retail stores on time and in good condition. By partnering with a 3PL, ecommerce brands can focus on growing their businesses while leaving logistics management to the experts.

Determining if Retail is Right for your Brand

Shifting your DTC brand to retail shelves is a great way to grow your brand, but don’t forget to analyze your target audience and see if they are interested in shopping in physical stores. Do your products have a high demand? Do they require a physical presence for customers to experience them fully? Answering these questions can help determine if retail is the right move for your DTC brand. 

Develop a Strong Brand Image

The first thing to consider when expanding to retail is whether your brand and products are a good fit for the retail market. Consider whether your brand has a strong enough following and whether your products have a broad enough appeal to attract a wide range of customers. Additionally, think about how your products will look and feel on store shelves, and whether they will stand out from the competition.

Research your Retail Options

When entering the world of retail, it's important to research your options thoroughly. Think about which retailers align with your brand’s values and have a customer base that matches closely your Ideal Client Profile (ICP). Also, consider if you want to sell your products in larger retailers or smaller boutiques. Using a large retailer may seem like the best go-to option, but sometimes a product is simply too specific to survive amongst a sea of filled shelves.

Create a retail-specific product line

Part of the research needed for the retail market is in creating a suitable product line for retail. It's important to consider the specific needs of each retail environment. You may need to create smaller or larger packaging, develop a whole new product line, or modify your existing products to meet the needs of in-store customers.

Develop a Retail Marketing Plan

Once a DTC brand determines that their product is the right fit for going into the retail market, the most important step is creating a viable marketing plan for the product(s). Marketing is a key component of any successful retail strategy. Make sure to consider whether your brand has a strong enough marketing presence to attract customers in a crowded retail environment. Think about how you can differentiate your brand from the competition and communicate your unique value to potential customers. In addition to finding new customers, make sure to build healthy relationships with your retailers and provide excellent customer service to your existing customers. Last [but not least], determine how you will leverage in-store promotions and other marketing tactics to drive traffic to your products. 

Optimize your Retail Operations

To ensure a smooth transition into retail stores, it is crucial that your retail operations are properly optimized. Having the right procedures in place will ensure that your brand can launch successfully across retail stores. Below are a few ways that you can optimize your retail operations and perform a product launch with plenty of hype.

Partner with a 3PL

We know it was just mentioned above, but working with a third-party logistics provider really can be a game-changer when it comes to optimizing your retail operations. A 3PL will help you navigate the complexities of retail logistics, ensuring that your products are delivered in an accurate and timely fashion.

Invest in an Order Fulfillment system

Effective order fulfillment is essential for a successful retail operation. When expanding to retail, it's important to have a strong order fulfillment system in place to ensure that you can meet the demands of the market. Consider investing in technology and processes that can help streamline your order fulfillment operations, such as automated picking and packing systems.

Maximize storage efficiency

Storage space can be a major challenge when expanding to retail, especially if you're used to operating solely in the DTC space. To optimize your retail operations, it's important to use a well-planned storage strategy. Consider working with a 3PL provider to find the most efficient storage solutions, such as shared warehousing, to reduce costs and increase flexibility.


Trying something as intimidating as retail is a massive undertaking for any ecommerce brand, both in manpower and finances. To make sure everything is running successfully, make sure to keep track of order and inventory statistics from day one. This will help keep product in stock, and help determine how well suited your brand is for retail.

There are many unique advantages to exploring the retail market, both as a customer and a business owner. New products fill shelves and replace previous trends, while new customers of all ages get exposed to the next wave of entrepreneurs and creators. If you are an entrepreneur interested in the retail industry, reach out to Atomix for a guide along your next big journey!

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Successfully Scaling Your eCommerce Brand Through Retail: The Ultimate Guide 2023

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