Free & Fast

At no cost, our one-click integration directly syncs with online stores (Shopify, Bigcommerce, Amazon, etc.) and allows customers to easily add new stores and reach more customers, globally.


We can offer up to half the cost of traditional fulfillment providers due to our Micro-pod Model. Our unique model also means customers receive a dedicated warehouse manager (Pod Manager) to maintain real-time account management and hands-on support.

Operational Accuracy

Based on customers' in-house fulfillment preferences and powered by our software, our Pod Managers ensure we maintain 99.9% order picking accuracy and same-day fulfillment guarantees.

A Brand-Friendly
Fulfillment Partner
& So Much More

Out with the old

Traditional Third-Party Logistics

  • Focused on large, B2B retail clients
  • Outsourced & slow customer support
  • Legacy technology systems, outdated processes
  • Expensive, complex pricing
  • Long term contracts
  • Lost product & no accountability

In with the new

Atomix Logistics

  • Built for modern eCommerce brandsFocus on sustainability & high-quality, customized packaging
  • Real-time & hands-on supportWe use Slack - it's 2021
  • Multi-channel technology platformOur single app provides access to all fulfillment operations
  • Simple, transparent pricingPay as you ship model
  • No minimums, no contractsWe love working with startups
  • Fully guaranteed shipmentsWe guarantee every single order