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Our Pod Model
15-Minute Response
2-Day Shipping
Custom-Built App

500,000+ orders shipped for 125
consumer brands

We've shipped over 500,000+ orders for 80+ consumer brands

Customer Experience

Responses in 15 minutes or less

By leveraging Slack, we can respond in 15 minutes to every request and can directly integrate to your team's existing work flows

Flexible & Comprenhensive Services

We take care of it all

From simple and affordable pick and pack to custom, high-touch kitting projects. Complex B2B? New launch on kickstarter?  No problem, we've seen it all!

High-Touch Operations

Operations tailored to your business

Our unique Pod Model can save up to 50% of traditional fulfillment costs. By creating "mini-warehouses," you have full control and can customize your fulfillment process. Hand written notes, custom boxes, and automation rules are a breeze!

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Why brands trust Atomix with their 3PL needs

Dedicated Pods for Brands

Build For Growth, Plan For Scale

The benefits of our Unique Fulfillment Model are: increased flexibility, lower costs, and precise order fulfillment. Brands have saved up to 52% of traditional fulfillment costs.

Our Pod Model consists of building micro-warehouses for individual brands within our warehouse. By decreasing the amount of steps walked, we've significantly improved the greatest inefficiency within a warehouse.

Paired with a dedicated Pod Manager, you can now access full control and customization of your shipping needs.

Customer Experience

Close the "Communication Gap"

Outsourced, overseas customer support is wildly unrealistic and unproductive. Even "on-site" customer service has become unsatisfactory at creating a strong partnership between brands and fulfillment partners.

Our Unique Pod Model has closed the "communication gap" by giving brands access to dedicated "Pod" (Warehouse) Managers.

Further, by leveraging Slack, we can respond in 15 minutes to every request and can directly integrate to your team's existing work flows.

Powerful Features

Integrated Fulfillment App To Manage Your Supply Chain

Having siloed business functions, utilizing excel spreadsheets or even long email threads is not only frustrating but it drastically reduces efficiency by wasting time.

Now, everything your supply chain needs to accelerate growth is centralized in the Atomix App.

Built for Fast-Growing Brands

Where Custom-Built Ops Meets Human-Centric Fulfillment

Atomix brings brands closer to their operations to deliver their brand's unique experience in addition to drastically eliminating the time dedicated to fulfillment.

Previously, operations were siloed units - managed with minimal oversight, transparency and heavy, manual processes.

By combining an owned fulfillment experience with smart, powerful software and a team of savvy, versatile operators, our Unique Fulfillment Model has become the most comprehensive, scalable and customizable fulfillment solution.

Scaling should be stress-free

The Old Way

Complex web of logistics, poor 3PL communication, lack of insight to operations, overpaying for shipping rates.

The New Way

Streamlined fulfillment operations owned by you and built to scale.

Take Control of Your Brand's Fulfillment

1. Consultation

Every true partnership starts with understanding. To achieve scale together, it’s imperative to understand the intricacies of your brand.

2. Onboard

Every business is unique. We tailor our process to your needs. In a time-crunch? No problem, same-day onboarding is available!

3. Scale

Orders are synced in real time and shipped same-day. Want add-on services for custom packaging or financing? No problem.

Why the fastest growing brands

choose Atomix

Having a fulfillment partner that can work in conjunction with a fast growing brand and our unique goals is honestly refreshing and is rare to find.

KB Nimo

Head of Operations, Loyal
Atomix has been the best decision our brand made. While I was super cautious to outsource, from day 1 Atomix has been unlike any other 3PL I've tried. We've easily save 10+ hours per week.‍‍

Jenny Lei

Founder, Freja NYC
The speed, communication, and ultimately Atomix's flexibility has enabled us to scale to over 5,000+ orders. Switching from Shipbob it was night and day different!

Adam Wright

CEO, Human Tonik

Integrate seamlessly and manage orders across any platforms

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Frequently asked questions

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