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Beyond fulfillment, we're dedicated to helping you discover new solutions that scale your brand.

Package Theft Protection

Stop losing money on refunds
due to lost or stolen packages

Returns Processing

Software to make returns processing faster, more accurate, and standardized.

Custom Packaging

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Elevate your customers' unboxing
experience with branded packaging.

Product Development

Design new products, or revamp current
ones using consumer trends forecasting.

Big Box Retail Expansion

Diversify your supply chains to prevent
backlogs and reduce production costs.

Growth Capital

Discover a suite of financial services for
your scaling e-commerce brand.

Manufacturing Sourcing

Diversify your supply chain to prevent
backlogs and reduce production costs.

Brand & Inventory Insurance

Insure your most valuable assets with
insurance built for e-commerce brands.

Discount Freight Rates

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Reduce freight costs transporting
product  from your manufacturer.

Canadian Return Drop Off

Provide seamless return drop off at
Canadas largest retail locations.

Become an Atomix Partner

Partner with Atomix to expand your customer base, attract new users, and
collaborate with companies across the logistics and fulfillment industries