History of Atomix

All great things start small.


Logistics Family Business

From humble beginnings in small midwest city, our Founder & CEO, Austin Kreinz grew up around a family-owned logistics business.

His father started and built a 150-person last mile logistics company in Milwaulee, WI called C.S. Logistics.

After graduating Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania and captioning the Men’s D1 Lacrosse Team, he started his career researching and adivising $5-100MM EBITDA Retail, Technology & Ecommerce Companies as a financial analyst in NYC.


Ecommerce Experience

Austin joined a 7-figure, bootstrapped apparel brand as the 7th employee to “get his hands dirty” and understand how ecommerce brands operate and scale.

After almost 10 years on the East Coast, Austin moved back to Milwaulee and started Atomix.

Teaming up with Patrick Day, COO, who previously  scaled $20mm of brands from the ground up in Salt Lake City, brought 10+ years of Omni-channel retail, operational and entrepreneurial experience.


Forging Your Own Path

By partnering with scaling brands from Day 1, we were able to develop a model that was not only designed to give full control, but was fully designed by our first customers.

With a highly fragmented 3PL market, the gap emerged between technology-focused 3PLs and mom-and-pop warehouses, the market didn’t need another. It needed operators who understood the deep importance of flexibility, customizability, and a true passion for building and scaling businesses.

From ground-breaking visibility with real-time communication, which connects brands to on-site operations team, to developing the mini-warehouse fulfillment model, we create and build from scratch to successfully and rapidly scale


Build,  Innovate, Expand

Going from 1 to 20+ team members in under a year, we’re building a high-performing and disciplined culture that prioritizes customer experience and sustainable growht..

From 3 brands in 500 square feet to 5,000 then  25,000, and now 80+ brands in 50,000 square feet, we’ve evolved operations at a rapid pace.  

aBy opening owned warehouses, our nation-wide network will continuously lower operational costs and increase the connectivity between brands, customers and their bottom lines.

Packaging & Shipping Partners

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Ecommerce Platforms & Marketplaces

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Carrier Partners

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