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About us

Transform the way E-commerce brands launch, grow, and scale.

Our Promise

Atomix set out to not only make E-commerce fulfillment easy, but to provide the most precise and hands-on fulfillment solution for
E-commerce brands to achieve scalable growth.

Being E-commerce entrepreneurs ourselves and scaling $100mm+ brands across the US, we realized the need for a type of fulfillment partner that was "small enough to care, and big enough to scale."

We set out to align a brand's and fulfillment partner's interests by developing our unique fulfillment model. Through focused innovation on creating the best possible customer experience, we’ve emerged as a partner of choice for 125 brands and growing.


Our team at Atomix

People turn dreams into reality.
Photo of employess in warehouse
Employees at work with dogs
Photo of Austin, Patrick, Andrew and preston.
A group of employees posing together in a group photo.
A group of workers in a warehouse, holding boxes.
Three dogs wearing Atomix branded bandanas.
Photo of employees on warehouse loading dock

History of Atomix

Challenge the status quo.


Logistics Family Business

From humble beginnings in small Midwest city, our Founder & CEO, Austin Kreinz grew up around a family-owned logistics business. His father started and built a 150-person last mile logistics company in Milwaukee, WI called C.S. Logistics.

Austin and his dad Steve.


E-commerce Experience

Austin joined a 7-figure, bootstrapped apparel brand as the 7th employee to “get his hands dirty” and understand how E-commerce brands operate and scale. Previously, he worked as financial analyst at CIT Bank helping advise and finance middle-market retail companies after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania.

Teaming up with Patrick Day, COO, who previously  scaled $100mm+ in revenue for brands from the ground up in Salt Lake City, he brought 10+ years of omni-channel retail, operational and entrepreneurial experience managing teams of 100+.

Austin and Patrick side by side.


Forging Your Own Path

With a highly fragmented 3PL market, the gap emerged between technology-focused 3PLs and mom-and-pop warehouses. Frankly, the market didn’t need another player; it needed operators who understood the deep importance of flexibility, well-design UI/UX software, customizability, and a true passion for building and scaling businesses.

By partnering with scaling brands from Day 1, we were able to develop a model that was not only designed to change the relationship between brands and 3PLs, but was fully designed by our first customers.

A group of employees with a client at the loading dock.


Build,  Innovate, Expand

From 2 to 28+ team members and 500 to 30,000 square feet in under a year, we strive to build a high-performing and disciplined culture that prioritizes customer experience, innovative thinking, and sustainable growth.

Our Team, Family, and Partners define who we are. We couldn't do it without the trust, love and support that our partners put in us.

A group of employees posing together in a group photo.

Team Outings and Events

When we're off the clock.
Atomix employees enjoying a barbeque outdoors.
Work hard, grill harder! Team Atomix knows how to sizzle in and out of the office.
Two dogs looking at the camera.
The fur-ocious leaders of our pack.
They work for treats and belly rubs!
Atomix employees enjoying a drinks outdoors.
Sip happens, but it's always better with
this amazing crew!
Atomix employees enjoying a barbeque outdoors.
When in doubt, BBQ it out! Our recipe for
a 'well-done' team.
Five Atomix employees playing golf.
Putting the 'tee' in teamwork and the 'slice' in success!
Atomix employees playing golf together.
Office by day, golf course by swing: We drive success, both on and off the green!

Our Values at Atomix

All great things start small.
Customer Success Associate Icon

Customer Centric

By obsessing over our customers' experience, we continuously improve along our quest to become the most sophisticated, human-centric fulfillment partner on earth.

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Think differently. Outside the box approaches naturally lead to significant breakthroughs when restraints require progress. We never stop testing and learning.

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We problem solve by using first principles. By seeking mastery, our pursuit towards simplicity is to scale and grow in order to teach, mentor, and train the next-generation. 

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We do what we say. We hold ourselves and our teammates to a high standard of excellence and take pride in our craft.

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Enjoy the Journey

Life is a journey. If you surround yourself with people that push you intellectually and support you, you’ll inevitably grow and find your destiny.

The Founders

Headshot of our CEO Austin Kreinz

Austin Kreinz

Founder & CEO
Headshot photo of COO Patrick Day.

Patrick Day

Chief Operating Officer
Headshot of our CTO Andrew Webber

Andrew Webber

Chief Technology Officer
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