Why the Fastest Growing Brands Choose Atomix

We provided a step-by-step guide to understand the successful steps to take to prepare for ecommerce and omni-channel growth.

Learn how the fastest growing brands go from 0 to $20Million+ in Sales through the three phases of Brand Growth -
Launch, Growth, Scale.

All modern brands start with an entrepreneur's vision to challenge the current market or to create a product they believe the world needs.

By leveraging a fulfillment partner's comprehensive services and software, our clients have received customized operational plans tailored to their specific needs and have generated $50million+ in new revenue.

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Atomix Growth Phases

How Does it Work?


Design Your Product

Creating a product takes an innovator and disruptor mindset and by challenging the status quo is no easy feat.

From ideas on scratch paper to the first customer, it starts with an entrepreneur’s vision.
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Find Manufacturer & Supplier

Once you have a clear understanding of your product and its requirements, you can begin researching potential manufacturers and suppliers.

Manufacture your product, perform testing, and initiate sample runs.
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First Inventory Shipment to Atomix

Ship product from around the world to atomix facility. The pain of managing customs, duties and supply chain disruptions is lifted from your schedule.

Our comprehensive guidelines and partnership network provide the resources very few emerging businesses can access.
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Customize your operations with our unique fulfillment model

Provide your brand’s preferences, requirements and growth goals. Then our shipping and fulfillment experts will help design your systems, operations and scale plan.

Our Pod Managers are dedicated to your account and your product to deliver packages with the same care as you would.
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Integrate any store

Seamlessly integrate your ecommerce platform to ensure all aspects of the shopping experience works together smoothly.

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Choose your carrier for discounted rates

The Atomix algorithm determines the best carrier with the lowest cost, or set your carrier of choice for discounted shipping.

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Manage orders seamlessly with custom returns feature

Manage all operations and never worry about your shipping deadlines again.
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Meet your dedicated team & learn the processes

You'll be dedicated a Customer Success Manager & Pod Manager.

Create a 1-on-1 relationship between our teams. And happy to answer any questions!
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Automatic branded tracking

Provide your brand’s preferences and our shipping experts will help design your fulfillment operations.
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Happy customer receives product

The post-purchase experience is an important part of the overall customer journey and can
have a significant impact on customer satisfaction.

We want to provide your customers with the best post-purchase experience that will help your business retain customers and encourage repeat purchases.
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Dashboard Management

View all data and operations management through our custom-built software.
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Why the fastest growing brands

choose Atomix

Having a fulfillment partner that can work in conjunction with our fast growing brand and manage our unique goals is honestly refreshing and rare to find.

KB Nimo

Head of Business Operations, Loyal
The speed, communication, and ultimately Atomix's flexibility has enabled us to scale to over 5,000+ orders. Switching from Shipbob it was night and day different!

Jenny Lei

Founder, Freja NYC
I was super cautious to outsource but from day 1 Atomix has been unlike any other fulfillment partner. The software is so easy to use and we've easily save 10+ hours per week.‍

Adam Wright

CEO, Human Tonik

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