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Transition to Atomix in less than two weeks


Meet your Onboarding Partner

Every Atomix client receives a dedicated onboarding partner, and later on account manager to coordinate all your fulfillment details. During your first meeting, you'll set a desired launch date for your brand.

Receive your Dedicated Channel

In the effort of making onboarding as seamless and efficient as possible, every Atomix client receives their own Slack Channel to communicate with our team. After onboarding you're able to keep your channel for a small fee each month.

Review Receiving Guidelines

We'll start your transition to Atomix by asking that you review our receiving guidelines and/or send them to your manufacturer so that your inventory is packed or palletized properly before sending them to our fulfillment warehouses.

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Connect your store(s)

Integrate your existing stores into the Atomix App to sync product inventory from Shopify, Squarespace, Amazon and more. Don't fret - your orders will not start flowing into our fulfillment system at this time.

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Need EDI Connections?

Send Product to Atomix

Now you're ready to send your inventory to Atomix from your existing 3PL or manufacturer. Our team can help you compare rates across freight carriers, and even book your freight transport for you.

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Shipping Rules

With Atomix, you have the ability to set parameters for when and how items ship. You can set rules to ship certain items with specific packaging, inserts, or to different regions using different postal carriers.

Pod Setup

The fun begins!
The team at Atomix will activate a new pod location and begin setting it up with packaging materials, SOPs, a return station and map your shipping methods.

Packaging Preference

Choose your preferred packaging from a large array of options. Also, make sure to consider our exclusive custom packaging partners who offer discounts for the design and purchase of custom boxes, mailers, or kits.

Returns Handling

Atomix is ready to handle all your returns. We'll inspect, process, and restock or discard items efficiently and timely so you always have accurate, quality inventory ready.


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B2B Fulfillment & FBA Prep


Inventory Received Confirmation

Your Account Manager will reach out to confirm your inventory shipments have arrived at Atomix, are in good condition, and are stacked in your pod ready for fulfillment.

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Activate Integrations & EDI's

It's time! Today is the launch date you set at the beginning of your onboarding journey. We'll turn on the integrations and any EDI connections you have to begin processing and fulfilling DTC, B2B, and FBA orders.

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Design Your Pod Today

We'll explore your current pain points and fulfillment needs to craft an Atomix solution that works for you.

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