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High-touch Kitting

Our Bread & Butter

Putting together product bundles, consolidating items, and performing extra assembly projects are daily activities at Atomix. We strive to make sure every client needing kitting services is provided with detailed documentation, videos, and walkthroughs of each step before we begin assembly.

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In-depth & In-Person Consultation

A crucial aspect of Atomix that sets us apart from most 3PLs is the amount of time we invest into meeting & learning about each one of our clients. Before any decisions are made, we make sure we understand a client's business needs as well as they do.

Our consultations are carried out in any way that feels most comfortable for a client; whether that's over the phone, a video call, or even in person (that's right, feel free to come visit us! Just make sure to let us know in advance)! We’ve worked on countless kitting projects, and love to share our best practices with new clients to help streamline the process.

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Onboarding & Defining Project Guidelines

Once consultation has been completed, our team creates a detailed overview of the project(s) we will be completing for a brand. Every overview for a kitting project includes a step-by-step guide complete with pictures and videos of the entire process.

We operate this way to ensure your business has the confidence in the quality of work. We build our relationships for the long term and believe working together every step of the process will make the project as seamless as possible.

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Assembly & Verification

Here’s where the action begins. First, our team follows our quality control guidelines and scan to verify every item upon entry to our facility. As the process flows through the steps, you’ll be able to follow along with pictures and step by step updates with our app!

You’ll receive photos of the items and fully assembled items and we won’t move forward until YOU approve the sample was completed to your expectations. After, our customer success team will be with you every step of the way.

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Powerful & Actionable Software

We’re a pretty humble team but when it comes to our software, we don’t hold back.

The time to  redefine a WMS (warehouse software) proud to offer the most features ever in a single fulfilment app. By setting a new standard in the industry, you’ll quickly forget about the limitations you previously called “normal” at other partners. Rapid integrations, insights to inventory turn-over, notifications for high and slow moving skus,  But don’t take our word for it, give it a try for self by reaching out!