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Your brand isn't like others,
why should your fulfillment be?

The Pod: A Unique fulfillment model by Atomix.
Pod 4
Pod 3
Pod 2
Pod 1
A Warehouse
within a warehouse
  • Modern brands benefit from dedicated space, time-efficient operations, and autonomy to customize their fulfillment processes.
  • We're shifting from the traditional "One Size Fits All" logistics norm to a tailored experience with the Pod Model.
  • Possible integrations of hand-written notes, custom boxes, and automation rules provides a personalized fulfillment operation.
Close the communication gap
  • Atomix bridges the communication gap between brands and fulfillment partners by providing access to dedicated Pod Managers.
  • Leveraging direct chat platforms from within the Atomix App enables quick response times.
  • This approach enhances communication efficiency and reliability for Atomix brands, making it feel as if you were on-site with us.
Your Pod
Scale with ease
  • Atomix emphasizes the importance of planning for scaling, offering brands access to flexible space ranging from a few hundred to over 100,000+ square feet.
  • This hyper-flexible pod model, coupled with Atomix's adaptive pricing adjusts with order volume, preventing demand fluctuation from becoming a weight on your shoulders.
  • Atomix manages inventory allocation and demand impacts, ensuring brands aren't overpaying for bloated fulfillment operations.

Design Your Pod Today

We'll explore your current pain points and fulfillment needs to craft an Atomix solution that works for you.

Transition to Atomix in less than two weeks

Atomix onboarding is fully guided by an Onboarding Partner, enabled with a dedicated Slack Channel, and finished within two weeks.

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