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A simple silver laptop displaying Atomix Logistics' ecommerce order management SaaS platform with a light green background. 3PL, order fulfillment, fulfillment center, small business fulfillment, small business, startup

our Unified Platform

Our in-house SaaS platform for order fulfillment streamlines the entire order process, from receiving orders to shipping products to customers. The app is easy to use and readily scalable, so you can grow your ecommerce brand without having to worry about your order fulfillment or inventory management.

This is a cropped image of what the screen looks like when a seller is scheduling inventory receiving for Atomix through their proprietary SaaS platform. Warehouse Management System, WMS, startup, tech, technology, order management, inventory management, ecommerce, ecommerce order fulfillment

Rate Shop for Lower costs

Get a free quote for international or domestic shipping at low costs. Our shipping experts will compare rates from top carriers to find the best deal for your needs. Simply send us your shipping details and we'll get back to you with a quote in minutes.

This asset is a collection of 3 different images. Image 1: Main/background image; a picture taken of Atomix Logistics' 3PL warehouse, showing one of our proprietary "micro-pod models" and a few racks of shelves filled with pick bins with various products. Image 2: A small image of different ecommerce packaging materials, including a tape measure, a corrugated cardboard box, and some shipping labels. Image 3: The final image in this asset is at the bottom right corner. This is another screenshot of Atomix's warehouse management platform, specifically the general dashboard sellers can use to view sales statistics and order deliveries. Keywords: Freight forwarding, freight, B2B, dtc, shipping, receiving, storage, WMS, SaaS

Prioritize brand growth

Our easy-to-use app with many integrations ensures brands can prioritize their growth with reliability and peace of mind. The app makes it easy for brands to manage their inventory, track orders, and ship products without worrying about the back end. Additionally, we provide our brands with access to industry-leading carriers, so brands can easily compare rates and book shipments. This helps brands focus on what they do best: growing their business.

This is a stylized 3D render of Atomix's app dashboard. It is an image of the dashboard itself, with each element (Order tracking, SKU, inventory quantity, and a chat box) all "popped out" into their own floating box. A small logo for Slack Messenger is included at the bottom right. Keywords; Slack, SaaS, SKU, order management, instant messenger, communication, transparency

Control and Change inventory in real time

Our SaaS platform provides inventory updates from suppliers in real-time! Manage all of your operations from the comfort of your home, and never worry about your shipping deadlines again.

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