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Direct-to-consumer (DTC)


When a DTC (Direct to Consumer) brand starts taking off, it can be a blessing and a curse for the business owner spending all day and night fulfilling orders. Fortunately, partners like Atomix are here to help!

Partnering with a 3PL like Atomix enables E-commerce brands to focus their time and energy on the front end of the business (brand building, advertising, customer service), while Atomix handles all of your logistics.

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Picking & Packing

Atomix offers industry-leading picking and packing services paired with an exceptional inventory management platform. Not only can we pick and pack - we also offer fully customizable kitting services for all partners!*

*Customized kitting is considered a Special Project, and will require an additional fee determined during the onboarding process

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Reduced Shipping rates

Because Atomix is a specialized logistics provider, we are able to provide negotiated carrier rates to each of our clients. Offering competitive and discounted shipping rates means business owners get to save up to 30% on their order fulfillment costs, and pass those very savings on to their customers!

Save on Shipping
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Blazing-fast Support

Gone are the days of shooting over emails and hoping for a timely response - Atomix provides near-instant client support through the use of Slack's instant messaging service!

Each of our clients are enrolled in a dedicated communication channel with their Account Manager and Pod Manager, allowing brand owners to ask questions and make important changes in minutes, not hours.

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A single pod with customer experience icons included.

Reliability & Full Control

Having direct access to a Pod/Account Manager gives brand owners a new level of control over their orders and inventory. This means even if your inventory is hundreds or thousands of miles away, Atomix provides an "in-house" feel for order fulfillment, ensuring all brand procedures are followed precisely.

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Monitor Performance & receive Insights

Using our extensive SaaS platform, track your most important KPI's, SKU behavior, average delivery time, and much more. This vital information can be used to predict market behavior and product success, helping brand owners continue making well-informed decisions for the future of their business(es).