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Fulfillment App

Atomix App -  dashboard shown on laptop.

Elevate your customer
experience with

  • High-Touch Fulfillment Features
  • Proactive Returns Management
  • Transparent Billing
  • Detailed Shipping Information

Built by eCommerce brands, for eCommerce brands

Automation rules to drive
customer retention

From adding custom inserts for first-time buyers to using specialized fragile wrapping,
our powerful rules engine makes customer-first shipping solutions easy and scalable.

Now, control when, how and what is shipped to customers based on any specific
parameters you set within the app.

Atomix app flow

Multi-Channel Fulfillment for
Omni-Channel Brands


Leverage 100+ integrations with
e-Commerce platforms to import orders
into the Atomix App.

EDI Connections

The fastest way to import orders into the
Atomix App, or connect to retailers.

Orderful logo
Network of atomix integration partners collaborating to enhance connectivity and streamline operations.

Order Tracking for DTC & B2B

Atomix consolidates DTC and B2B orders for seamless tracking. View and assess fulfillment
data with ease, including customer details, shipping, and tracking by clicking an order.

For B2B, real-time updates on business recipient's name, tracking, and order status
ensure you can efficiently monitor inventory shipments to retail partners.

iPad mockup with atomix app on screen.
Icon photo of Charlotte cruze from Alice Mushrooms

Charlotte Cruze
Co-Founder, Alice Mushrooms

By using the Atomx App, we're able to create custom shipping rules that ensure our chocolates reach their destinations in 2-Days!

Why the fastest growing brands use the
most intuitive eCommerce fulfillment app

Atomix app dashboard
Headshot icon of Taylor Borenstein from Stakt.

Taylor Borenstein
Co-Founder, Stakt

Through the Atomix app, we're able to customize orders if needed. Whether it's putting an order on hold or canceling, we really appreciate the transparency.


View Order Volume & Errors
High-Level Details at a Glance
Pull CSV Reporting


Bundle SKUs
Low Stock Notifications
Analyze Fastest Moving SKUs


Edit Orders
Changes Addresses
Fulfill from Multiple Locations


Easy to Access
Flexible Payments


1:1 Direct Messaging
Dedicated Pod Manager
Recurring Sync Meetings

iPad mockup with atomix app on screen.
Animted green arrows pointing downwards.

Receive inventory, and peace of mind

Atomix Logistics Fulfillment App - Receiving screen.

View all shipments of inventory to Atomix in one place and receive live updates when our team scans and processes the new product in your pod.

Enter new inventory shipments and book freight with discounted rates exclusively available through Atomix.

One account for all of yours

Atomix integrates with Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, Walmart and other e-commerce
partners to sync your orders, returns, and fulfillment statistics in one place.

Next, easily map your shipping options for customers on those sites to any
available shipping methods at Atomix.

Atomix software on laptop
Special projects tab on Atomix app

Submit tasks and projects to the Atomix team that fall outside of the normal pick/pack process. This includes tasks such as inventory cycle count, kitting of SKUs, or re-packaging of items.

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