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Custom Pricing for your Custom Pod

Brands at any stage and size pay only for what they need with Atomix scalable fulfillment fees.

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As your trusted order fulfillment provider, we offer comprehensive storage, shipping, and fulfillment services. Our 3PL Pricing displays all of our warehouse fulfillment services tailored to optimize efficient shipping and fulfillment for your brand.

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How 3PL Fulfillment Pricing Works

You'll see these expense categories broken out on your Atomix quote. Here is what they mean: 


These are the costs associated with processing and receiving any incoming inventory to our warehouses.


These costs are to store your product in the warehouse either on pallets, shelves, or pick bins at your Atomix Pod.

Pick + Pack

Pick + Pack fees cover the costs of the pod workers picking all the items for your order, and packaging it up to your specifications.


This is the estimated shipping cost of your orders - Atomix uses discounted rates from carriers to keep our clients' shipping costs low.

Beyond Fulfillment,
We're a Partner for Growth

Atomix is dedicated to helping you discover new solutions that solve problems and scale your brand.

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Success Stories

Atomix is the best 3PL fulfillment center for brands looking to customize their operations for the unique needs of their products. Explore past examples of our tailored solutions below.
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Consumer Goods
Food & Beverage

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