How Do Returns Work?

A key difference of Atomix is the speed, precision, and flexibility of the returns process. Most fulfillment partners don’t offer, or aren’t very great in reverse logistics, so naturally we created a sophisticated & detailed process for managing returns. By creating a comprehensive solution, returns are no longer a limitation of outsourcing and can be a value driver for growth.

Unified Platform Experience

With a few clicks, you can return a product to the Atomix Facility. Based on your predetermined quality control processes, we have items back to stock immediately.

When onboarding, the predetermined quality control process is a critical point of emphasis -

Live Return Updates

The flexibility to choose products and choose destination is a must have feature for our brands.

Now, they can have labels sent directly to their customers with minimal work on their end! Track a package from the moment it's started to it's back in stock stage.

Returns Process & Inspection

Here’s where the action begins. First, our team follows our quality control guidelines and scan to verify every item upon entry to our facility. As the process flows through the steps, you’ll be able to follow along within the app.  As always, your customer success team will be with you every step of the way.

Powerful Software

We’re a pretty humble team but when it comes to our software, we don’t hold back. The time to  redefine a WMS (warehouse software) proud to offer the most features ever in a single fulfillment app.

By setting a new standard in the industry, you’ll quickly forget about the limitations you previously called “normal” at other partners. Rapid integrations, insights to inventory turn-over, notifications for high and slow moving skus,  But don’t take our word for it, give it a try for self by reaching out!

Why the fastest growing brands

choose Atomix

Having a fulfillment partner that can work in conjunction with our fast growing brand and manage our unique goals is honestly refreshing and rare to find.

KB Nimo

Head of Business Operations, Loyal
The speed, communication, and ultimately Atomix's flexibility has enabled us to scale to over 5,000+ orders. Switching from Shipbob it was night and day different!

Jenny Lei

Founder, Freja NYC
I was super cautious to outsource but from day 1 Atomix has been unlike any other fulfillment partner. The software is so easy to use and we've easily save 10+ hours per week.‍

Adam Wright

CEO, Human Tonik

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