How Do Returns Work?

Returns/reverse logistics is the process of moving products from the customer back to the retailer, manufacturer, or 3PL. It is a critical part of ecommerce, as it can help to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and increase profits. Compared to many 3PL options, Atomix boasts a seamless returns process for all of our clients, increasing the possibility for customers to come back and shop again.

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Seamless SaaS experience

In less than 10 clicks, your customers can place a return to ship a product back to our fulfillment center. The second our team receives the product it is inspected for damage, and then we follow the business owner's predetermined returns process for either restocking or discarding the product(s).

Note: The "predetermined returns process" is discussed and outlined during the onboarding process with Atomix's team, ensuring we won't make a mistake when handling your brand's inventory.

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Live Return Updates

Leveraging our proprietary SaaS platform, Atomix provides brand owners with real-time updates for orders and inventory management. This includes orders shipped, delivered, and returned.

In addition to tracking quantities of order and inventory, Atomix enables brand owners to send shipping labels directly to their customers. This allows us to receive the package(s) and seamlessly transition to the specific returns process outlined during onboarding.

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Returns Process & Inspection

This is where the action happens! When a return is received at Atomix's fulfillment center, our team follows a strict set of rules to ensure returns are processed properly:

1) The package is received and scanned to verify the correct product was returned.

2) Our team inspects the product for damage/defects/etc.

3) Finally, once the product is scanned and inspected, we follow the client's instructions to store, repack, discard, or return the item to the manufacturer.

Throughout the returns process, all steps are documented and recorded thoroughly to ensure processes are followed to a "t."

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Powerful Software

We like to consider ourselves a pretty humble team of logistics professionals - but when it comes to our app, we don't hold back. Atomix's WMS (Warehouse Management System) boasts the most features ever available in a single fulfillment app, allowing brand owners to access new sales channels and markets without a hitch.

As we set a new standard for the ecommerce logistics industry, our clients quickly forget the limitations that many currently WMS platforms have. Same-day store integration, inventory insights, and updates on individual SKU's are just a few of the coveted features our in-house app offers. But don't take our word for it, give us a call for a demo!

Why the fastest growing brands

choose Atomix

Having a fulfillment partner that can work in conjunction with our fast growing brand and manage our unique goals is honestly refreshing and rare to find.

KB Nimo

Head of Business Operations, Loyal
The speed, communication, and ultimately Atomix's flexibility has enabled us to scale to over 5,000+ orders. Switching from Shipbob it was night and day different!

Jenny Lei

Founder, Freja NYC
I was super cautious to outsource but from day 1 Atomix has been unlike any other fulfillment partner. The software is so easy to use and we've easily save 10+ hours per week.‍

Adam Wright

CEO, Human Tonik

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