B2B & Wholesale Fulfillment

EDI integrations, strict attention to retailer guidelines, freight booking, and a dedicated account manager make retail fulfillment a breeze.

Your Own Dedicated Wholesale Fulfillment Expert

1:1 support from your B2B fulfillment expert located on-site at our warehouses.

Atomix utilizes specific teams experienced in the detail required when packing and preparing your wholesale orders.

Labeling, palletizing, and lot tracking are meticulously followed to prevent any retailer chargebacks.


Freight booking & management services included

Freight booking is completely organized and scheduled
by your dedicated account manager.

Easily view and manage wholesale freight shipments
within the Atomix app.

Leverage negotiated, cheaper freight rates with our
Atomix shipping partners.

An airplane, truck and van next to each other.

Wholesale made easy with abundant EDI connections

EDI's are fully orchestrated and implemented by your new Atomix tech team and account manager.

Atomix is built for brands scaling across new retailers. Easily request and add new EDI's when you need them.

We'll take care of the setup, so you can continue focusing on growing your brand and stop wasting precious time on retailer connections.

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B2B fulfillment starting at $2.50

EDI's for any retailer
Freight booking & management
Dedicated 1:1 support
Consolidation & breaking bulk
Routing guideline compliance
Multiple B2B fulfillment centers

Atomix has multiple fulfillment centers to help you cut costs

Atomix offers our wholesale/retail fulfillment clients multiple owned and operated warehouses from which they can fulfill their B2B orders.

This helps you cut costs on shipments that are heavier and bulkier than their DTC counterparts and ensures a fast, efficient delivery to your retail partners.

Salt Lake City, UT
Milwaukee, WI

Integrate & Automate

Connect to your retailers through EDI or to ecommerce marketplaces via our 70+ integrations.
Receive orders in the Atomix app
Your orders from retail customers will populate in the Atomix app via EDI connection or marketplace integration.
Store your inventory
Ship your inventory to one of your warehouses where we'll store your product and fulfill your B2B orders.
Atomix fulfills, automatically
Our B2B team meticulously follows retailer guidelines during the pick and pack process to ensure compliance and prevent chargebacks.

Atomix has it all. Get a quote today

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