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Brand Testimonial: Home Grown

Brand Testimonial: Home Grown

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November 15, 2021
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Customer Spotlight: Home Grown Apparel

Having the opportunity to support local entrepreneurs is such a great experience.

Hear directly from our customer about his experience with Atomix:

“I started working with Atomix hoping to free up the time I was spending packing up boxes and dropping the orders at the post office.

They have been able to completely take order fulfillment off of my plate so that I can focus on growing the brand and working on new products! Ready to take my e-com business to the next level with this partnership!”

Founder: Lucas Treptow

Product: WI-based, custom-designed hats

Growth: Started selling hats hand-by-hand in Milwaukee, now shipping across the U.S.

What’s Next: Launching more product lines and expanding internationally!

Next up customers:

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Brand Testimonial: Home Grown
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