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Increasing Sales with Flat-Rate Shipping

Increasing Sales with Flat-Rate Shipping

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Olexiy Shapowal
May 25, 2023
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In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, timely shipping plays a pivotal role in the success of online businesses. With customer expectations at an all-time high, finding efficient and cost-effective shipping methods is crucial. Flat-rate shipping has emerged as a popular solution for ecommerce brands, offering simplicity, transparency, and savings. In this article, we will explore the concept of flat-rate shipping, its advantages for e-commerce brands, and how it can streamline shipping processes while keeping costs under control.

What is Flat-Rate Shipping?

At a basic level, Flat-Rate shipping means ecommerce business owners can provide static shipping rates for all of their customers. Unlike typical shipping methods that calculate shipping cost based on size, weight, and destination of a package - Flat-Rate shipping simplifies the process by providing static, up-front pricing options. Showing transparent shipping rates (as well as taxes & other included fees) on a brand’s shopping page can virtually eliminate the #1 cause of cart abandonment; surprising shipping costs. 

The Benefits of Flat-Rate Shipping for Ecommerce

Transparent Pricing: Flat-rate shipping eliminates the guesswork associated with complex shipping calculations. Showing transparent shipping rates (as well as taxes & other included fees) on a brand’s shopping page can virtually eliminate the #1 cause of cart abandonment; unexpected fees/shipping costs. 

Enhanced Customer Experience: In the competitive e-commerce marketplace, providing an exceptional customer experience is crucial. Flat-rate shipping helps business owners provide a seamless shopping journey, by removing the barriers caused by uncertain shipping costs. Customers will feel more confident and satisfied knowing that their shipping fees are consistent, reasonable, and transparent.

Streamlined Shipping Processes: Implementing flat-rate shipping simplifies logistics and fulfillment for many e-commerce brands across the world. Because the pricing structure is consistent, businesses can optimize packaging and automate shipping calculations. This streamlines order fulfillment, saving time and effort for both the business and its customers.

Determining Shipping Cost

With standard shipping prices, rates are calculated based on a number of factors, including weight, dimensions, priority, and destination. This solution works great for many ecommerce businesses, but may introduce unexpected fees down the line as AOV grows.

On the other hand, Flat-Rate shipping is entirely based on the physical size of the chosen packaging. Each box/poly mailer gets an individual flat shipping rate, as well as a defined weight limit for each size of the packaging. As long as the product(s) fit within the box and don’t exceed the weight limit (depending on the carrier,) the rate stays the same for every order. Below, a small table shows the pricing differences for Flat-Rate cost between 4 major carriers Atomix partners with:

Carrier Flat-Rate Shipping Cost Weight Restrictions
FedEx Starts at $14.99 Up to 50 lbs./ package
UPS Starts at $12.95 Up to 50 lbs./ package
DHL Starts at $12.65 Up to 70 lbs./ package
USPS Starts at $19.95 Up to 50 lbs./ package

Note: These are starting prices, and the actual cost of shipping may vary depending on the dimensions of your package, as well as the distance it is being shipped. You can always use the shipping calculators on each carrier's website to get an estimate of the cost for your specific shipment.


Making the final decision on whether to use standard or flat-rate shipping is often complex and difficult, as it requires considering a myriad of factors and comparing many different options. Flat-Rate shipping is not ideal for every ecommerce brand, and it’s typical for a business owner to feel overwhelmed with trying to accommodate both customers and the business’ needs. At the end of the day, the final say lies with the brand’s owner and nobody else - but the journey can be stressful and confusing. Working with a fulfillment partner like Atomix will help smooth out the whole process, and help you feel confident in your decision to benefit your customers. If you are a brand owner looking to explore flat-rate shipping with a helping hand, reach out to our team today!

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Increasing Sales with Flat-Rate Shipping
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