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Scheduled Delivery Pending and Awaiting Delivery - What do they mean?

Scheduled Delivery Pending and Awaiting Delivery - What do they mean?

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Hafez Ramlan
April 2, 2024
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You place an e-commerce order, receive the confirmation email, and what do you do next? That's right - immediately check your package status, only to encounter terms like "Scheduled Delivery Pending" or "Awaiting Delivery Scan"? What!? What does this mean?

These shipping update statuses can be confusing, and sometimes misleading. However, the Atomix team is here to help you get a grasp on what these terms mean for you, and your air fryer.

What does Awaiting Delivery Scan mean?

The "Awaiting Delivery Scan" status typically signifies that your package is on the verge of its final destination. This means that after successfully "moving through the network" of distribution hubs, the package has reached the local post office, and is ready for the last part of its journey to your home. Usually, the final scan after this is "Out for Delivery" (the one we all like to see), and upon this scan you should be able to see a delivery time for your when your packages arrive at your home.

What does Scheduled Delivery Pending mean?

"Scheduled Delivery Pending" is a less common status to see, and can make things feel even more delayed. Typically this message occurs in between "Awaiting Delivery Scan" and "Out for Delivery". It usually means something unexpected has slowed down the delivery process. Sometimes this can be becuase higher package volume for the system to process, like around the holiday season, or can be caused due to inclement weather or internal issues within the carriers systems. Nothing much can be done here other than wait for the "Out for Delivery" scan.

How eCommerce Order Tracking Works

When an order is placed through an eCommerce platform, the journey it undergoes is dictated by 1. the shipping speed you chose, 2. the fulfillment center or distribution center fulfilling the order, and 3. the delivery service that is handling your package. Ourselves here at Atomix use internal technology to decide when specific orders get fulfilled, and which carrier to use to maintain the shipping speed selected, and ensure the shipping cost is as low as possible for the brand.

Upon determining the best carrier for the job, a shipping label is created, tailored to meet the specific requirements of the chosen carrier. The delivery date will be provided as soon as possible in the tracking information. This label is more than just an identifier; it's the lifeline of the package, embedded with a unique barcode and tracking number. This barcode plays a critical role throughout the package's journey, being scanned at various checkpoints. Most times, these checkpoints are sort facilities - places where packages are brought from all across the country and sorted onto new trucks to continue their journey.

The barcode information helps which guide the decision-making process from the moment the status is "shipping label created, USPS awaiting item" to the eventual "pre-shipment info sent, USPS awaits item" status, meaning the carrier is awaiting pick up of that package. If the fulfillment provider uses a third party service to bring the package from their warehouse to the USPS sorting facility, the status will read "departed shipping partner facility usps awaiting item".

Each carrier employs a unique system for generating tracking numbers and a digital platform that records and keeps your package tracking updated with each scan. This system is what keeps everyone involved informed — from the carrier and eCommerce vendor to the fulfillment service and, most importantly, you, the end-customer.

Register for package updates

The good news is that you can subscribe to updates, receiving real-time notifications about changes to your orders tracking information sent to your phone via email or push notifications. Most times you can sign up for these from the carriers website, for example, the USPS website, or FedEx or UPS.

E-commerce businesses also usually set up automated alerts for their customers. During business days, you should see changes in your package status within 24 hours. For brands, this is dependent on if they are using their own fulfillment center, or using a 3PL to fulfill their packages who also has the integration capabilities with the carrier's systems to deliver this insight.

Understanding Delivery Statuses

  • In Transit: This status means the active phase of the package's journey, as it traverses diverse terrains and crosses skies, diligently marking progress towards the ensuing milestone. This status occurs after the carrier receives the package in their network.
  • Scheduled Delivery Pending: This update, while indicating a pause in the anticipated timeline, reassures that the package remains under care, navigating towards its destination.
  • Out for Delivery: This status means your package has left the sorting facility near you, is loaded onto a delivery truck, and will be delivered that day.
  • Awaiting Delivery Scan: Occasionally, a package may momentarily linger without an immediate scan upon delivery—a hiccup that's usually resolved within a short span, once the driver confirms the package has been delivered.

How do you navigate Delivery Exceptions?

When there's a delay in delivering an order, it's really important for e-commerce sellers to update their customers about what's happening. These range from minor detours prompted by unforeseen weather events to significant impediments like "USPS no access to delivery location." The goal is to keep customers in the loop and making sure they know you're aware of any issues. Here's how it can be done:

Get the Details: First, the seller needs to find out why there's a delay. This might mean talking to the delivery company to get the scoop on what's causing the hold-up.

Reach Out: Next, the seller should tell the customer about the delay. This can be done through an email, a text message, or a phone call. It's key to do this quickly so the customer isn't left wondering where their package is.

Explain Clearly: In the message to the customer, the seller should explain why the order is late. Maybe there's bad weather, or the delivery truck had a problem. Whatever the reason, a clear explanation can help customers understand the situation better.

Give a New Timeline: If possible, the seller should tell the customer when they can now expect their order to arrive. If there's a new delivery date, share it. If things are still uncertain, it's okay to say that too, but let the customer know you'll keep them updated.

Apologize : It's always good to apologize for the inconvenience. Even if the delay isn't the seller's fault, saying sorry shows the customer that you care about their experience.

Offer Help: Let the customer know how they can get in touch if they have more questions or if they need help with something else. Giving your customers a medium to reach out and ask about their order can make a big difference in how they feel about any delays and improve customer satisfaction.

Delivery Achieved

The goal is to get the "Your Package Has Been Delivered" status. Knowing all about these tracking terms helps keep customers in the loop and makes sure everyone is happy with their delivery.

Challenges such as inaccurate addresses or logistical delays can disrupt the flow of deliveries. Collaborating with a fulfillment partner like Atomix Logistics can significantly help ensure on-time and seamless deliveries to your customers. With their commitment to precision, timely deliveries, and cutting-edge solutions, Atomix Logistics ensures that each package not only departs the warehouse on schedule but also arrives at its destination with the assurance of accuracy and care.

If you're seeking a hassle-free shipping experience, Atomix Logistics is ready to assist, removing the guesswork from shipping and delivering peace of mind. Contact us today, and let us help transform your shipping speed, and accuracy.

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Scheduled Delivery Pending and Awaiting Delivery - What do they mean?
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