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Brand Testimonial: Alice

Brand Testimonial: Alice

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Hafez Ramlan
October 10, 2023
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"If you don't trust your fulfillment partner, you don't really have anything; you're just as good as the product that gets delivered to your customer's door." - Charlotte Cruze, Co-Founder of Alice Mushrooms.

Alice Mushrooms is a company that produces functional mushroom chocolates. Their chocolates are made with organic, fruiting-body mushrooms, which are the most nutrient-dense part of the mushroom and contain the highest concentration of active compounds. Alice Mushrooms also uses nootropics and adaptogens in their chocolates to enhance the benefits of the mushrooms.

Their chocolates are designed to help people improve their cognitive function, sleep quality, and overall well-being. Their products are popular with people who are looking for natural ways to improve their health and performance.

As a rapidly growing business, Alice Mushrooms sought a modernized partner, one that is tech-enabled, transparent, and the ability to come up with creative solutions for their unique needs.

When looking for fulfillment partners, Alice prioritized two things:

  1. Personal Touch: "Even as we scaled and our operations expanded, Atomix ensured that we retained that personalized touch, a crucial aspect that resonates with our brand identity. One remarkable way they did this was by incorporating handwritten notes into our packages, reinforcing the sense of a genuine and caring connection with our customers", said Charlotte.
  2. Growth: "Through our partnership with Atomix, we've successfully expanded into retail and completed our first major grocery distribution shipment, while their support allowed us to explore international expansion, opening up exciting new avenues for our business."

Location, Location, Location

Atomix's central location is a major advantage for our clients like Alice Mushrooms. We're proud to help them speed up their package delivery. Thanks to our strategic placement, we can navigate transportation routes efficiently, which means we can provide Charlotte and her team at Alice Mushrooms with lightning-fast delivery solutions. We know that time is critical, and our commitment to streamlining their distribution process is a testament to our dedication as a trusted partner in their growth journey.

Atomix prides itself on streamlining the way customers shop and receive products. With the use of cutting-edge technology, Atomix is able to process orders quickly and efficiently, allowing customers to enjoy their purchase faster than ever before.

Atomix is proud to distribute Alice nationwide and offer shipping solutions that are easy and affordable.

To learn more how Atomix’s unique warehousing model, or our low-cost logistics solution, contact us today!

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Brand Testimonial: Alice
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