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Brand Testimonial: Stakt (Featured on Shark Tank)

Brand Testimonial: Stakt (Featured on Shark Tank)

March 22, 2023
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Austin Kreinz
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“Atomix not only provides such a positive, professional and transparent experience, but they are a true extension of our business” - Taylor Borenstein, Co-Founder of Stakt 

The Stakt Mat is a multi-purpose foldable fitness mat that provides 2x the comfort over the rest of the traditional yoga mats. It is 2x thicker than the average mat and provides more ability for people to to practice, from sculpting, pilates, HIIT, and more.

Stakt wanted a new partner that was more tech enabled and provided better transparency compared to their previous provider.

When exploring fulfillment options, Stakt prioritized two things: 

  1. A tech-enabled solution: “By using the Atomix app dashboard, it's so much easier to see our orders. Or if we need to make any changes, it can be done through the app,” said Taylor.

  1. Transparent communication: With Atomix using Slack as its main communication, it allows us to have constant communication with the warehouse floor staff, account managers and founders.

Stakt featured on Shart Tank

Packages are being shipped at a much faster rate.

Atomix prides itself on streamlining the way customers shop and receive products. With the use of cutting-edge technology, Atomix is able to process orders quickly and efficiently, allowing customers to enjoy their purchase faster than ever before. The turnaround time for orders is remarkable; Taylor proudly states “the orders are leaving the day they’re put in.”

Atomix is proud to distribute Stakt nationwide and offer shipping solutions that are easy, affordable, and stress-less.

To learn more about Atomix’s unique warehousing model, slack-first customer support, or our low-cost logistics solution, contact us today!

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Brand Testimonial: Stakt (Featured on Shark Tank)
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