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    5 Crucial Ecommerce Trends for 2021 and Beyond

    5 Crucial Ecommerce Trends for 2021 and Beyond The ecommerce industry is becoming increasingly competitive as online shopping becomes more popular among consumers.  In fact, a study by UNCTAD shows a 52% boost in online shoppers since last year. Hence, you must keep up with the ecommerce future trends to stay ahead of your competitors. […]


    Award-winning Fulfillment Partner

    We’re proud to announce two major achievements were reached at Atomix. First, we received the Great User Experience and Rising Star Award from financesonline.com. In an $80Bn+ market with large, established fulfillment providers, we’re humbled to be recognized for these achievements. While these achievements speak volumes to our customer experience, we will continue to work […]


    What is the Micro-pod Model?

    atomix is the only ecommerce logistics company designed to help emerging brands scale sustainably on their terms. Our pods help make brands more productive and profitable. Great question —the Micro-pod Model is a modular warehouse structure managed by a technology platform that vertically integrates the end-to-end order fulfillment process. The goal is to optimize the […]


    How Can Your 3PL Deliver the Best In-House Customer Experience?

    After spending countless hours, weeks, months, and even years bringing an idea to life in the form of a product and brand, the last thing an entrepreneur wants is to lose control of a business function. As much as entrepreneurs embrace being in the driver’s seat, the most experienced understand their strengths and build a […]


    Why You Shouldn’t Use a Fulfillment Center

    At Atomix, an efficient order fulfillment process isn’t enough. That’s why we call it the Post-Purchase Experience which begins with the initial inventory order from the manufacturer all the way through the returns handling process to ensure sustainable and high-quality operations.


    Atomix: Behind the Concept

    Atomix partners with innovative eCommerce brands ready to scale. By creating an uncomplicated, high-touch customer experience, we enable founders and SMBs to focus on building their brands and keeping their customers close. By combining our multi-channel technology platform with our Nucleus Pod warehouse layout, brands have changed the way they handle eCommerce fulfillment. Built from […]