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Partnership: Passport International Shipping

Partnership: Passport International Shipping

November 18, 2022
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Kirsta Bowman
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Partnership Announcement: The Best International Shipping Experience For DTC Brands

At Atomix, we are excited to announce our new partnership with Passport, which is helping us broaden our horizons with international eCommerce shipping. Passport is the international shipping carrier of choice for many DTC brands who want to go global. By confiding in a partnership with Passport, it has awarded us to give a higher level of customer support.

Let’s break down the benefits to Passport below:

Complex Shipping, but Solved with Easy To Use Services

Passport offers easy integration with Shopify and other platforms to set up international shipping options to over 200 countries. Additionally, Passport has a top-tier customer support team to ensure the very best international shipping experiences. With IPA, DDU and DDP options, we can work with you to target the right shipping methods for you.

Cost Effective Options

Atomix offers discounted shipping rates through Passport to save our customers the most money possible. Passport provides landed cost solutions with DDP services to keep things budget friendly. By enabling customers to prepay duties and taxes at checkout, you avoid unexpected costs at arrival.

Post-Purchase Experience

Passport provides an in depth live feed of tracking information all the way to your customers door. The ability to do so complements the post-purchase experience, which can in turn create customer loyalty and increase brand awareness.

International Shipping Things to Consider

Customs fees and import taxes will depend on your shipping method, as well as your country’s regulations. Variables and dimensions of your product also impact shipping costs and other expenses, so this is something to be mindful of.

All in all, Atomix is proud to partner with Passport to guarantee the very best shipping experience for our customers.

To learn more about how Atomix’s unique warehousing model, slack-first customer support, or our low-cost logistics solution, contact us today!

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Partnership: Passport International Shipping
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