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The Modern Communication Tech Stack — Supercharge Your Customer Support with Slack

The Modern Communication Tech Stack — Supercharge Your Customer Support with Slack

November 23, 2022
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Kirsta Bowman
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Starting and growing an ecommerce business has multiple moving parts.

The most painful part? Slowness.

Speed of development and changes is woven into the fabric of entrepreneur’s DNA (whether you're partnering with a fulfillment company or not!)

So, yes, even customer service tickets can hold up significant progress. But worse, waiting for emails for something you needed yesterday is infuriating (hear directly from DTC Ecommerce Brand's Experiences and the need to switch multiple 3PLs.)

Welcome to the new world where businesses and people communicate instantly with one another.


“Communication via Slack is so convenient, the Atomix team responds instantly.” — KB, Loyal For Dogs


Slack provides an instant messaging feature. Yes, instant messaging.

This is a great resource to have when working with internal and external teams. It allows for quicker turnaround times and very effective customer support, which in turn can help your business grow faster.

When you can easily reach people, whether it be the whole Atomix team, or someone individually, you know you can work your business more effectively. Shortening wait time with instant messaging, allows Atomix to best serve our customers — from daily questions about last minute changes to orders or upcoming special projects.

Every detail is important, especially for fast-moving entrepreneurs and brands looking to accelerate growth.

Access Your Way of Communication

Accessibility is always supported using Slack. Collaborating over a platform that is accessible for all of our clients ensures the very best customer experience. Not only does Slack offer keyboard shortcuts for accessibility, but also provides screen reader functionality and a score of other tools to ensure convenience for all. Inclusivity is important to us at Atomix, and these features help us best serve all our customers varying needs and unique situations.

Whether you’re looking to speak with your dedicated “Pod” warehouse manager or you want to speak directly to our upper management team, you can. You can because each individual is directly on your own slack channel.


Slack channels are dedicated to you. These central spaces help to stay organized and focused on a particular task or project. It allows for space to share certain ideas, materials and resources for a particular purpose without any unrelated distractions. Channels allow for video and audio recording, file attachments, emojis, mentions, bullet points, which add to the collaboration experience.

Here at Atomix, each of our valued clients have their own Slack channel. Not a case manager, with a file, with communication only over phone or email. You get your own line of communication because it is your own business, and we value your time and effort you’ve put in to building a company.

Channels ensure the very best customer service and support. Unlike traditional email, with your own Slack channel, you have access to anyone you need or any conversation we’ve previously had. If something goes wrong during any part of the shipment or fulfillment process, it can be easily and quickly resolved within your own Slack channel.

Further, we take slack to the next level by creating internal automations and service-level-agreements that helps us maintain our standard of excellence. That standard is responding with messages in an average 15 minutes!

So what is Slack?

Slack is an online, digital communication platform that offers an easier, more organized way to work. It’s used by over ten million people a day. It offers many features that traditional email does not. Want to heart react to a compliment from your client? Go for it. Feel like sharing a Google doc link with the entire sales team? Just click, paste, and send in the app. Similar to other well-known digital communication websites, it allows for channels, tagging, and threads to stay on track with whatever that may be.

In a world with endless technological growth , shouldn’t the way we communicate catch up ? The era of email is declining, while new, and more effective ways to collaborate, are on the rise. Texting, social media, vlogging, forums, and instant messaging apps have transformed the way people collaborate, and that’s why we love Slack.

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The Modern Communication Tech Stack — Supercharge Your Customer Support with Slack
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