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Which Types of Eco-Friendly Packages Are Best for Businesses?

Which Types of Eco-Friendly Packages Are Best for Businesses?

March 9, 2023
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The Best Types of Eco-Friendly Packaging in 2023

Entrepreneurs all over the world have realized that they need to do something good for the planet Earth. That’s why more and more businesses are switching to eco-friendly packaging. Despite the fact that you are protecting nature, wildlife, sealife, and other human beings, you are also boosting the chances to increase your sales and improve your reputation and brand awareness. 

Based on recent studies, more than 85% of people younger than 45 would agree to spend more on a product packed in boxes made of sustainable materials. On the other hand, the same study confirms that nearly 60% would not buy an expensive product (or would not buy an item) if the packaging is made of harmful materials. 

Everything we said sounds amazing, doesn’t it? You have the chance to be a responsible person, become a better entrepreneur, and do something great for future generations. The question you probably have now is - which type of sustainable packaging is best for your needs? 

A simple answer to that question does not exist. There are multiple options in front of you; that is the subject we want to discuss in this article. Let’s go!

Table of Contents:

  • What Exactly Is Eco-Friendly Packaging?
  • How to Get the Most Out of Eco-Friendly Packaging?
  • Best Types of Eco-Friendly Packaging for Your Needs

What Exactly Is Eco-Friendly Packaging? 

If sustainability and the green world are still not something you are familiar with, then you deserve to get a clear explanation of how to recognize sustainable packaging

The first feature you need to put into consideration is the materials they are made of and whether they contain any toxins or allergens. Their lifecycles should not be too long, and they should not release harmful toxins that can damage the health of people, wildlife, and sea life. We will explain later the examples of each category of packaging that is best for your needs. 

On the other hand, sustainable packaging should also be properly designed. Your buyers should get the chance to use your packages for other purposes instead of buying new ones. For instance, they can use it as a tote or storage for old stuff they want to keep in their garage or basement. 

The third feature of safe packaging may not relate directly to the structure and design of materials. You won’t help the planet Earth a lot if you are not using responsible and clean transportation practices. One of the goals you should have is not to use fossil fuels. But that’s not that easy. Because of that, you may want to put into consideration green packages smaller in size or adequately customized. That way, you can transport more packages at once and use that practice until the smartest people in the world find the healthiest alternative available to everyone.

How to Get the Most Out of Eco-Friendly Packaging?

Deciding to switch your traditional packages with eco-friendly packaging is already a huge move. But, we recommend entrepreneurs wisely go step by step until they reach their final goal. Making mistakes is always possible, but good entrepreneurs look for ways to avoid them instead of solutions to solve them. That’s why we would like to share some tips on getting the most out of sustainable packaging. 

Start by Improving Your Education 

Without any doubt, the entire process starts with education. You are doing that to understand what sustainability is completely, how to choose the best packages for your need, create an effective long-term plan with new boxes and other forms of packages, and find the right partners in this part of the world. 

There are a couple of ways to improve your knowledge. First, connect with people that already practice sustainability in their business operations and functioning. Next, connect with experts in this industry. In the end, use the online world and find educational websites where you can find some useful information. 

Understand What Your Customers Want 

Entrepreneurs and businesses always analyze the reaction of their target audience whenever they release a new product. They also analyze the feedback they receive for the existing items in order to improve all the mistakes. There is no reason not to do that with the new types of health packaging you plan to use. 

Start with the information you already know - most people want sustainable packaging. But which type of design would make their unboxing experience perfect? What would be considered as eye-pleasing design? What shape is the best one? These are all the questions you will have to answer. 

Connect with Manufacturers 

If you have money and time, then you can try to produce packaging like these on your own. However, if that’s not the case, then you can always connect with eco-friendly packaging manufacturers

There are multiple reasons to do that. First, manufacturers are experienced in this world and know exactly what you need. Doesn’t that seem like a source of knowledge as well? Also, you can order a bigger quantity of boxes, papers, or anything else, which will automatically reduce the price of each package.  

In the end, they can significantly help you with the designs. Most professional manufacturers won’t just produce the packages; they will also design and customize them and help you reach your goals. There are two options in front of you: to develop an idea of the design, shape, and size of each package on your own or to allow them to do that instead of you. We will let you make a decision on your own! 

Best Types of Eco-Friendly Packaging for Your Needs 

After we explained some important details, it is the right moment to talk about the most popular and best types of sustainable packages. We divided them into several different categories and highlighted the examples for each of them. Let’s find them out together! 

Biodegradable and Compostable Packaging

These packaging materials are the most popular because they can decompose back into the Earth naturally. More importantly, during decomposing process, they do not release harmful gasses or toxins into the atmosphere. Their lifecycle usually does not last longer than 3 months which is amazing!

Good examples of these packages are bio-poly mailers as well as packages made of plants like sugar cane, bamboo, corn, and others. 

Reusable Packaging 

As we said, you need to allow your customers (and eventually other businesses) to reuse the packages you are using to protect your items. That way, you are using a smaller amount of materials which is a way to reduce your negative impact on the surroundings. Good examples of this packaging category are cloth bags, metal tins, glass jars, and similar options. 

Molded Fiber Packaging 

For many reasons, pulp or molded fiber packaging can benefit Planet Earth and businesses. Under this category, you can find different types of packages made of cardboard and recycled paper. The structure of these materials is completely suitable for customization. That is why you can find many manufacturers offering them as one of the customization options. 

But that’s not all! As we said, with smaller packages and adequate shape, you can transport them more at once. That means you will have to use less fossil fuel for the delivery/shipping. In other words, you are doing two good things at once. 

Edible Packaging 

As the name of this category suggests, these packages are made of edible plants and seaweed. However, they have a bit different purpose. People can consume them together with the product they ordered. If this category of covering is adequate for the products you are working with, you will manage to reduce waste significantly. You will also ensure all the buyers get memorable and unique consumer experiences. 

Minimalist Packaging 

This package category can be made from different types of eco-friendly materials. However, based on the name of this type, you can conclude that these packages contain a small quantity of materials. They won’t be a good option for every product businesses sell, but they can be an amazing alternative for items that do not require strong protection. 

Mushroom Packaging

Science can certainly surprise us sometimes. Who could believe in the past that mushrooms are going to be one of the materials used for the creation of packaging? The way these sustainable packages are made is unique and interesting. The manufacturers ground and clean any form of agricultural waste. After that, they fuse it with mycelium, which is a type of mushroom root. Due to the mixture's structure, the new material can be easily shaped and designed. However, before it becomes a package, the manufacturers have to dry it. 

We believe these products are ultra good for the safety of our lovely planet. It is much better to convert waste into something people could use as protection for a wide range of items. Plus, it degrades naturally, which is probably the best thing. 


Each of the mentioned types of eco-friendly packaging options is suitable for different types of products. Because of that, we recommend you start by improving your knowledge. If things become too challenging, you can always connect with sustainable packaging manufacturers and allow them to take care of the biggest part of the job. Are you ready to take action? Reach out to us and we'll help you out today!

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Which Types of Eco-Friendly Packages Are Best for Businesses?
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