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Actionable Dashboard & Communication Space

Actionable Dashboard & Communication Space

November 18, 2022
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Austin Kreinz
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Logistics is the “exceptions management” business — 24/7 Real Human Support is a requirement.

As you know, being on hold or waiting for a partner to respond is detrimental to success in the world of eCommerce. Changing addresses, checking returns are re-stocked and answering “where’s my order?” questions happen so fast. Ecommerce brands end-customers hold brands to such a high standard and a fulfillment partner should do the same. We expect fast and efficient responses from our team the same way customers expect answers from brands.

Now, thanks to our built-in Slack-functionality to our app, you can speak with a real-person in less than 15 minutes. Every time. Any time during the day.

The customer experience and service is often an overlooked part of businesses, but as we’ve operated hyper-growth DTC brands before, we know the LTV (Life Time Value) of customers increases dramatically when you provide great support — fast, thorough, emphatic. Not good, but great support.

And we’ve instilled that Ecommerce Brand Operator mindset into our company at Atomix. Our customers are more than customers, they’re our partners. We invest our time and resources into our customers’ experience because in logistics things “rarely go as planned.”

So having the capabilities to reach a real human 24/7 is integral to our success and our clients growth. As we’ve talked about in depth here.

Visualize the most important functions of your operations

As we know, your time is your most valuable resource. After all, if you don’t have any insight to operations or struggle to understand data in spreadsheets it may take hours to realize inventory is out of stock or orders aren’t being shipped.

Now, with our operational and actionable dashboard, you can see items running low on stock, orders that haven’t been shipped, and insight into your cash flow.

When you’re running low on stock, now with a click of the button you can start ordering inventory and sending the shipment to Atomix.

Top selling SKUs is high priority when placing purchase orders and when you’re evaluating creating product bundles.

Now, you’re able to roll up the features of independent SaaS products into 1 Fulfillment App you can now realize all the benefits in one central source of information.

Gain clarity around top sellers and order shipments to plan for tomorrow

By analyzing the fundamentals of your eCommerce store, you can take your brand to the next level. For example, by understanding where your customers are located, you can create hyper targeted ad campaigns to find the most intent buyers for your product.

By creating product bundles and understanding your top sellers, you can now calculate how much inventory should be purchased and plan to meet that future demand.

Your growth is driven by revenue and cash flow — track both

What’s more important: Revenue or Cash Flow?

We say, why choose? Let’s track both and give the power to brands to understand their operational health in depth.

Now you can see what your revenue is on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Choose date ranges or products that you want to specifically analyze.

Monitoring a brand’s operational health has been extremely difficult. The Dashboard created new insights that cuts through the noise in the order fulfillment industry and has positioned brands to be able to better understand their business.

Your central source of information — from Special Projects to Invoicing Management

Managing all the different functions of operations is not only overwhelming but tedious and time-consuming. After all, when you have to focus on growth, marketing campaigns, and new product strategies, how much time do you really have left in the week?

Now, we combined all the backend operations into one app and made it possible to control through one dashboard. From Special Projects to invoicing, we’ll show you how you can reduce your time significantly on managing operations with the combination of our real-time customer support and an actional dashboard.

Placing B2B, or one-off orders, creating and managing returns, fixing incorrect addresses, creating kits and bundles, all the way to creating new shipping methods can all be handled on the Dashboard.

When operations can be streamlined and centralized into one “Command Center,” you essentially have a Full-Time COO (Chief Operating Officer) at your side at a significantly reduced price! That’s why we asked our popular brand Loyal about their experience and sat down to have a conversation with them.

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Actionable Dashboard & Communication Space
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