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Sustainability in Logistics

Sustainability in Logistics

November 18, 2022
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Kirsta Bowman
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How to Implement the Most Affordable Ecommerce Shipping Solution.

Online shopping and ecommerce has skyrocketed over the years, especially after the pandemic. People stuck at home relied heavily on online shopping to obtain everything from toilet paper, candles and hats. Unfortunately, increased online shopping brings with it more waste and an impact on our planet.

At Atomix, we know the importance of supply-chain sustainability and eco-friendly shipping, so let’s get into it.

Why is Sustainability Important in Shipping Logistics?

Online shopping has become an almost daily aspect for most of us, and it’s crucial to consider the environmental impact it comes with.

The ecommerce and shipping industries have had their negative impact on the environment in ways such as

Bracketing, Online Returns, and Their Impact

Bracketing is an ecommerce term for a “buy now, choose later” approach to online shopping. It’s buying something in two different sizes, returning the one that doesn’t fit well. Sending back items creates extra carbon emissions from transportation. In the year 2019, over 5 billion tons of landfill waste was produced from online returns alone.

Bracketing was common before the pandemic hit. But now, it is at an all-time high. Many shoppers believe that products they send back always make it back to the shelves. Sadly, they are mostly unaware that, more often than not, their returned items end up in a landfill.

According to a 2018 report by Appriss Retail, total apparel returns amount to nearly $4.71 billion in lost sales for US retailers, and the rate on online returns has only grown since then. Returns can also lead to shrinkage, increased expenses and of course, more GHG emissions.

The easiest way to help reduce bracketing and unnecessary returns is to give honest dimensions, descriptions and information on your products being sold. One online retailer found an innovative way to reduce return rates to >5% by giving genuine and accurate information on all their products. It is easier to make more informed online decisions when you have more context before you click “Buy”.

5 Benefits to Eco-Friendly Shipping

1. Lower Costs

Since eco-friendly shipping packaging is usually made from raw materials and is lightweight, you can expect to cut shipping costs. Utilizing sustainable shipping methods and bundling packages will save additional costs as well, as you are relying less on carriers for their services. Fewer truckloads, fewer expenses, fewer emissions.

2. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

By choosing to practice more sustainable shipping solutions, you are reducing your carbon footprint, or your impact on the environment. Any efforts to reduce your carbon footprint has tremendous benefits for our planet.

3. Increase Brand Value

By making the decision to be environmentally conscious, you demonstrate that as a brand, you are responsible and dedicated to ethical practices. It shows your brand cares about other things besides your own self-interests.

4. Strengthen Customer Loyalty

Customers want to buy from brands that they can trust. Brands they know care about social issues, like protecting the environment. Customers crave authenticity, let them know how and why your company has made the decision to more sustainable shipping methods.

5. Make a Positive Change

The environment isn’t going to fix itself. Our planet needs us. Change starts with you, and we can all do our part to make more sustainable, and ethical, ecommerce and shipping solutions.

Ways to Practice Eco-Friendly Shipping

How Partnering With Atomix Enables Eco-Friendly Shipping

Atomix has initiated conscientious changes to provide exceptional sustainable shipping methods. We have partnered with Eco-Cart, an organization dedicated to reducing ecommerce related deterioration through carbon offsetting. Carbon offsets are methods of canceling out, or “offsetting”, the environmental impact of a product or service. Additionally, Atomix's extensive network of logistics professionals allow us to partner with international shipping companies to make it easier.

Carbon Offset Projects May Involve

  • Renewable Energy Creation
  • Enclosing and destroying GHG emissions
  • Reforestation, planting trees and other plants

Additionally, carbon offset projects have social and environmental benefits outside of reducing GHG emissions. Carbon offsetting projects bring in renewable energy to communities around the world, new job opportunities, help improve air and water quality. Furthermore, they often bring increased community health and education services.

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Sustainability in Logistics
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