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Switching Multiple 3PLs & “Finally Finding Atomix” — Customer Story — Supergreen Tonik

Switching Multiple 3PLs & “Finally Finding Atomix” — Customer Story — Supergreen Tonik

November 22, 2022
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Kirsta Bowman
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“Don’t just go with the biggest, cheapest fulfillment company out there, often you end up being a small account that gets forgotten about, which leads to problems down the road.”

-Adam Wright, Founder & CEO of a 7-Figure Supplements Brand (Human Tonik)

Listen to Adam's story here!

Company Profile

  • DTC Brand: Human Tonik
  • HQ: Atlanta, GA
  • Founder: Adam Wright
  • Industry: Vitamins / Supplements
  • Website:

Origin Story

The founder, Adam Wright, has suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for over 25 years and since becoming a dad wanted to focus on nutrition to improve his energy and immunity. He tried a number of greens supplements but there was always something lacking, whether it was the ingredients, lack of transparency over ingredient amounts, or the horrible taste.

Adam decided to develop his own brand from the ground up and to document the journey on his blog. It made sense to tackle the main issues with Chronic Fatigue Sufferers and what most people struggle with from time to time; lack of energy, immunity, and brain fog. Adam delved into the research of the ingredients that had science to support their health claims. He then worked with a US-based manufacturer to work out the ingredients that could be combined into one effective formula.

Bonus Resources

Adam had the opportunity to sit down with us & interview our Founder & CEO for his blog which he transparently shares the traditional challenges of working with a 3PL, switching between multiple 3PLs, and ultimately finding Atomix.

Read the interview Adam did on the Atomix Founder & CEO here.

The Problem

When first starting his company, Adam knew that he needed to work with a 3PL. After trying things out with a few different companies (Shipbob and Deliverr), Adam was not receiving the level of service that he expects and needs for his company.

In particular, he believed that the ability to reach customer support and have items returned in a timely manner were appropriate expectations. So, naturally, he started a forensic search for the right 3PL in hopes to find the right partner for his early-stage, yet scaling brand.

“Atomix literally feels like an extension of our team!”


“A fast turnaround in fulfillment is paramount now that eCommerce owners are competing with the likes of Amazon. But just as important is the level of customer satisfaction that comes with having great customer support with your 3PL.”

When Adam found Atomix and had his first meeting with Austin, he immediately was confident that he found the right 3PL to partner with, and knew that he would be receiving the level of customer support that he needed and expected.

First, the unique fulfillment model encapsulated everything he felt was missing in previous partnerships - slow or long help tickets, no dedicated account managers (yet alone a dedicated pod "warehouse" manager) and on-time, accurate order fulfillment.)

The fulfillment experience appeared better and he believed it could solve his previous challenges.

After working with a few partners, he thought, ‘how much better good they be.’ In the first meeting, Austin and Adam spoke about the broken returns process and the challenges of Product Bundling and Re-stocking items in a timely manner.

To Adam’s surprise, Atomix developed a system to manage the process of his returns exactly for his business. Instead of having a one-size-fits-all model like other partners (Red Stag, Shipmonk, Airhouse etc.) Atomix built out a process based on rapid responses and QC checks to identify sellable products.

This, on top of the SLA of 15-minute response times, checked one of the boxes Adam was specifically looking for. By leveraging a real-time CX software like Slack, it could provide the human responsiveness, insight and attention like never before for Adam.

“We've been working with Atomix for over 2 years now. We couldn't be more confident in our decision. Fulfillment is hard, but with Atomix it really is easy! The peace of mind knowing that the team at Atomix will help resolve any issue as quickly as possible has been game-changing.”

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Switching Multiple 3PLs & “Finally Finding Atomix” — Customer Story — Supergreen Tonik
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