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Brand Testimonial: Orli

Brand Testimonial: Orli

March 28, 2023
Posted By
Austin Kreinz
Title asset to the "Summer Shipping" blog post from Atomix Logistics. A small green 3D truck with a small sun floating above it portrays the hot summer sun during order transport. KW: Ecommerce, 3PL, order fulfillment, fulfillment center, summer order fulfillment, new orders, new customer, temperature, protection, packaging, eco-friendly, sustainability

“All eComm Brands want easy. Atomix makes the manual fulfillment process easy - as simple as that.” - Matthew Rosenfeld, Founder of Orli 

Orli offers premium quality, ethically sourced and all-natural crystal energy bracelets that passively stimulate the pericardium pressure point on your wrist.

Focus on what matters

"Fulfillment can be very time consuming and can cause a lot of problems when not done correctly”, said Matt. Atomix does the heavy lifting so Matt can focus on the growth of Orli. 

Why value proposition matters

“It’s changed the way I view a good fulfillment partner,” said Matt. “I wouldn't go work with a large solution anymore”. Atomix can be seen as a valuable member of a team by creating a personal relationship with the brands they partner with. Building a level of trust and reliability that a brand can come to us with any problem and we can help offer them a solution.

Atomix is proud to distribute Orli nationwide and offer shipping solutions that are easy, affordable, and stress-less.

To learn more how Atomix’s unique warehousing model, slack-first customer support, or our low-cost logistics solution, contact us today!

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Brand Testimonial: Orli
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