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Hit the Ground Running!

The hardest aspect of a crowdfunding project is typically marketing, branding, and advertising. After you've garnered enough attention and funding, the next big step is making sure your invaluable backers receive their anticipated products on time.

By taking advantage of outsourced fulfillment, crowdfunding businesses can use more time to maintain communications with backers, manufacturers, and suppliers! Avoid the hassle of renting a storage unit and shipping hundreds of packages yourself, and reach out to Atomix today!

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Custom Batch Processing

Custom Batch Processing can be a complex and time consuming process - but when planned properly, it is an effective way to produce and fulfill orders for Kickstarter campaigns.

When carefully planned, businesses can ensure their products are shipped and delivered to their supporters on time, immediately establishing trustworthiness in the brand.

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Cost Effective Shipping

Throughout the entire transport process (manufacturer to 3PL, 3PL to customer), fulfillment partners like Atomix provide brands with access to negotiated and discounted shipping rates through some of the largest carriers around the world.

With lower shipping costs, crowdfunded brands can pass savings on to the end customer and make their brand new product more affordable right out of the gate!

Save on Shipping
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Picking & Packing

The second we receive your inventory from the manufacturer or supplier, our team begins placing it in it's dedicated warehouse location. This ensures that we are able to begin shipping your product(s) as soon as possible, with peak efficiency.

After receiving the inventory, final checks are carried out for proper store integrations, and then your brand is ready to ship!

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Unified Software Platform

Our powerful order management platform gives you the power to keep track of orders, stock levels, and customer insights all in one place. With Atomix, you can easily view and manage your order data to make well-informed decisions for your business. The Atomix Dashboard is the perfect tool for Kickstarters of all sizes looking to "kickstart" their efficiency and productivity.

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In-Depth Onboarding

We pride ourselves on our detailed onboarding process, and have a dedicated team of experts to be alongside you every step of the way.

Atomix operates with transparency and accountability to ensure your Kickstarter has full confidence in the quality of our work. We build long-term relationships with our clients and partners, and believe that working together closely throughout the process results in a seamless customer experience.

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Dedicated Client Support

Gone are the days of shooting over emails and hoping for a timely response - that just won't cut it when trying to start a brand. Atomix provides near-instant client support through the use of Slack's instant messaging service, with as many of your team members as you'd like!

Each of our clients are enrolled in a dedicated channel with their Account Manager and Pod Manager, allowing brand owners to ask questions and make important changes in minutes, not hours.

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Accuracy & Reliability

With our fully transparent business model, we believe in our ability to provide outsourced fulfillment while maintaining an "in-house" level of control for brand owners.

Use our exclusive insights, open communication, and efficient order fulfillment to launch your product today!