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As the hardest part of the campaign is over (sales & marketing), how do your customers want to receive their
highly-anticipated products? 

For experienced crowdfunding businesses, the hassle of cross-referencing customer order lists to arbitrarily stored items in a garage to communicating with backers, manufacturers, and suppliers are relatively obsolete. The ability to partner with a shipping provider that has supported several of the largest Kickstarter campaigns sets crowdfunding campaigns up for success as they transition to a DTC business.

Custom Batch Processing

Custom batch processing can be a complex process, but it can be an effective way to produce and fulfill orders for Kickstarter campaigns.

It's important to carefully plan and manage the process to ensure that the goods are produced and shipped to backers in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Cost Effective Shipping

From the location of your manufacturer to our warehouse, we offer competitive and discounted rates on transportation and delivery services that will help your ecommerce business save costs.

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Pick & Pack

When inventory is received from the manufacturer or supplier, we will store it in our warehouse. Orders will be then picked, packed, and shipped! 


Keep track of orders, stock levels, and customer insights all within your Atomix Dashboard - all at your fingertips.


We separate ourselves from other fulfillment partners by providing pictures, videos, guided tours, and really a culture of full transparency around how we operate.

We operate this way to ensure your business has te confidence in the quality of work. We build our relationships for the long term and believe working together every step of the process will make the project as seamless as possible.

Customer Service

Our Slack-first customer support provides a direct line of communication between us and our clients.

Accuracy & Reliability

You will have a direct line of communication between brands and fulfillment partners by giving access to dedicated "Pod" Managers.

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