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Helping Brands Expand into Retail

No matter how successful a brand is, nothing make a brand owner say "we made it" like becoming a household name. For E-commerce brands, expanding to retail can look like a costly and stressful journey - but Atomix is here to help. Take advantage of our first-rate services and access an entirely new market, complete with
extra brand exposure!

One of Atomix's main 3D images, also found on Atomix's home page. It is a very detailed image of a rendered fulfillment center. 3 instances of a micro pod are shown, with the same box from above off to the side

The Micro-Pod model

Our unique fulfillment helps us provide the most efficient order fulfillment and inventory storage possible. Designed to cut pick time and eliminate mis-picks, each "Pod" operates as a "mini-warehouse" within our main facility.

Additionally. each Pod boasts a dedicated Pod Manager and fulfillment team who never deal with more than 10 brands. This ensures each employee is only working with brands they are familiar with, further increasing pick/pack efficiency.

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Extensive Onboarding

We pride ourselves on our in-depth onboarding process, and have a dedicated team of experts to be alongside you every step of the way.

Atomix operates with transparency and accountability to ensure your business has full confidence in the quality of our work. We build long-term relationships with our clients and partners, and believe that working together closely throughout the process results in a seamless customer experience.

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Atomix branded packaging materials

Picking & Packing Services

Leveraging a third party logistics (3PL) provider like Atomix is one of the most efficient ways to expand an E-commerce brand into retail. By using outsourced fulfillment, brands save invaluable time and money to put towards other important aspects of the business.

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Stylized 2D render of the dashboard for Atomix's inventory management platform. Each different window (SKU, Item quantity, sell history, etc.) is "popped out" in front of the background, appearing to float individually from each other. KW: SaaS, order management, inventory management, small business, startup 3PL, fulfillment for small businesses, startup fulfillment center, midwest fulfillment center, centralized platform

Powerful & Actionable Software

We like to consider ourselves a pretty humble team of logistics professionals - but when it comes to our app, we don't hold back. Atomix's WMS (Warehouse Management System) boasts the most features ever available in a single fulfillment app, allowing brand owners to access new sales channels and markets without a hitch.

As we set a new standard for the E-commerce logistics industry, our clients quickly forget the limitations that many currently WMS platforms have. Same-day store integration, inventory insights, and updates on individual SKU's are just a few of the coveted features our in-house app offers. But don't take our word for it, give us a call for a demo!