What's Included

Subscription Box Fulfillment is significantly different than traditional direct-to-consumer and retail orders. Instead of daily orders, subscription-based companies have "batches" that are typically fulfilled monthly or bi-monthly.

In-depth & In-Person Consultation

We work with your brand to understand its subscription box program and its fulfilment requirements, including the types and quantities of products to be included in the boxes, the desired packaging materials and methods, and the schedule for delivering the boxes to subscribers.

Inventory Management

Once we receive your brand's specifications, we can begin receiving your brand's inventory and start the kitting process.

Picking & Packing

During this process, our team follows a strict quality control guideline to ensure that your subscription box is presented to your customer at the highest standard.

Shipping & Handling

Once the subscription boxes have been assembled and inspected, the we handle the shipping and

Why the fastest growing brands

choose Atomix

Having a fulfillment partner that can work in conjunction with our fast growing brand and manage our unique goals is honestly refreshing and rare to find.

KB Nimo

Head of Business Operations, Loyal
The speed, communication, and ultimately Atomix's flexibility has enabled us to scale to over 5,000+ orders. Switching from Shipbob it was night and day different!

Jenny Lei

Founder, Freja NYC
I was super cautious to outsource but from day 1 Atomix has been unlike any other fulfillment partner. The software is so easy to use and we've easily save 10+ hours per week.‍

Adam Wright

CEO, Human Tonik

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