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Subscription Box

Unique Fulfillment Requirements

Atomix works with a wide variety of E-commerce brands - from DTC and B2B to Subscription Box brands and supplements. As such, we understand the specific needs of Subscription Box brands and
can adjust our operations accordingly.

Using our transparent business model, we are able to create fully customized order fulfillment operations
for each of our partners!

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Detailed and in-depth consultation

We work with your team to understand its subscription box program and fulfillment requirements, including the types and quantities of products to be included in the boxes, desired packaging materials and methods, and the schedule for delivering the boxes to subscribers.

This information helps us to develop a customized fulfillment solution that meets your brand's specific needs. We have a successful track record of fulfilling subscription box programs for a variety of businesses, and are confident that we can provide you with the reliable and efficient fulfillment services that you need to grow your business.

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A stylized 3D render portraying the functions of Atomix's warehouse. Three "pods" with shelving racks filled with boxes are lined up in a row, with a packing station in each. Behind the stations, a large wall shows a screenshot of Atomix's fulfillment app overlooking the warehouse pods. KW: smooth fulfillment, order fulfillment

Receiving and Storage

After completing the consultation and onboarding process, your inventory is shipped to our facility and the receiving process begins. Working diligently, our team unloads the shipment and places it directly into your brand's dedicated warehouse locations.

Note: Brand warehouse locations are separate from Pick Bin locations. Pick bins surround your dedicated pod, whereas warehouse locations store pallets/master cases.

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Stylized 3D render of an Atomix "Micro-Pod." A packing station with conveyor belt runs down the middle from front  left to back right. On front right and back left side, there are shelvingn racks filed with packed and taped boxes ready to ship to customers. KW: Customer experience, customer service, order shipping, ecommerce orders, fulfillment center, small business fulfillment center, third party logistics

Picking, packing, and more

When all of the stock has been properly organized and your store is integrated with our app, the order assembly process is ready to start. Subscription box assembly can be a complex process, and Atomix takes special care during onboarding to ensure we follow every client's instructions to a "t."

In addition to our efficient and accurate order picking/packing, our team seamlessly integrates additional kitting projects for subscription box brands, making sure every customer receives an accurate order in a timely manner.

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Atomix app dashboard

Shipping & Handling

Ah yes, the final and [arguably] most important step; shipping. The inventory has been received, the subscription boxes are assembled, and everything is ready to go.

Finally, Atomix's carrier partners pick up the orders and take them out for delivery. Our clients all get priority access to negotiated and discounted carrier rates, meaning you can pass those very savings on to your customers!